South32 CEO Says Fuck China Take your nuclear bombs shove them in Xi's ASS.

South32 Warning. South32 CEO says. China you mother fucker liar regime. Thousands of Chinese are dying everyday. China take your vaccine and shove it in president xi’s ass because its not working you liar. China. You are just using your people as guinea pigs you fuckers. China. China virus is out of control. the only thing you have under control are the poor innocent Chinese people in bundage. Fuck you China. Fuck you. South32 CEO says. Super power nations. Sinners. Communist countries are going straight to hell. No sinner is immune. South32 CEO warning China. South32 Employees say. Fuck China. This is a message from South32 employees to china's regime. Fuck you China. Fuck you. don't buy from china. Do not Do business with china. Do not travel to China. China is killing us. Fuck china. Fuck China for dumping all its nuclear waists into our rivers and oceans. Fuck China for continuous slavery of the Chinese people. Fuck china for contaminating poisoning our atmosphere using fossil fuel. Fuck China for causing the global forest fires killing billions of helpless animals. Fuck china for destroying our orbit launching weekly satellites punching holes in the sky spying on us. Fuck china for causing the glaciers melt and ocean water rise. Fuck china for destroying amazon jungles destroying the planet earth and nature. Fuck china. China. Mother fucker evil super power you are killing us. You are totally destroying the children future. China. Listen and Listen good. Fuck you China. Hey China. Take all your nuclear missiles and shove them in your president Xi's ass. I am sure they will fit. South 32 President says Death to communism Death to communist regimes. Death to all dictators. South thirty two, CEO, asking the Chinese to repent. Repent and ask God for forgiveness. Repent. Repent now. Do it. Repent. China Repent. Let the infinite forces come to rescue you. Repent. Do it. Do it now. South32, CEO, says. Heaven is waiting for those who repent. stop sinning. South 32 says superpower communist nations and all the none believer nations are getting crushed wiped out right off the map right now going straight to hell because they sinners. So repent while you can. Repent. Do it. Do it now. South32 employees asking China to repent. Do it. Do it right now. South32 CEO Employees cast crew directors producers thanks you for listening to this none profit message. South32 CEO asking all nations with super power nuclear bombs to repent. Repent now. time has ran out repent. do it. do it now. today. Thanks for listening to South 32 CEO.